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Nelson Tift Rilco has been doing it since he was little and has never stopped improving. Hard work pays off and Golden Bones is a testament to that. Favorite track: Wealth.
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The time has finally arrived for Golden Bones to be unveiled to the world. An album two years in the works, Rilco explores the vast reaches of the human spectrum over the sixteen jam packed songs. From death to Chinese buffets, Golden Bones paints a dense dystopian wasteland buzzing with secrets, while Rilco skillfully crafts a narrative of optimism and self-improvement. Dive deep into the cosmic fondue that is GOLDEN BONES!!!!!!!


released December 15, 2016

Rilco - Beats, rhymes, recording, artwork, mixing
FDavidson - Mix Master



all rights reserved


RILCO West Palm Beach, Florida

GOLDEN BONES OUT 12.15.16!!!

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Track Name: Discovery of Self
If something like a beat can keep me sane
Then something must be beating in my brain
Something has been eating me away
Like how we’d be so peaceful when it rains
Yet still we are uneasy and complain
Why do we treat the beautiful as if it is so plain?
Why do we act so evil and afraid?
And treat our fellow man like he’s deceitful or insane?
So many different things within a day
Why obsess over the thing that’s in the way?
Sometimes it’s tough and some will lose their way
Everyone believes in god it’s just that some refuse to pray
And God can come in many different shapes
Take in solace of the colors and their many vivid shades
Plants, animals and monuments that bathe within the rays
I can see the many majesties in any given space
I take pity if you gravitate towards bickering debate
Or try to pick apart the particles and molecules that make
Man is all but what he offers to create
For it belongs to finer grace
So strive to find diviner fates from higher places
Discovery Of Self.The grand architecture
The unexplainable masterpiece to an art collector
Don’t deppreciate your value when
You ARE the precious metals
Golden bones of future, past and present particilple
You are the riddle and the answer
General, Commander, Captain, Major, Admiral, Lieutenant
Divide the universe and find the truth within it
Decide your fate and choose your limits
Go defy the fakes, define the newest physics.
Guess I’m still tripping, since my birthdate
Solar eclipse inside an earthquake, what these words make.

Discovery Of Self is not exclusive
Distant time and place, elusive, hard to tell its obtainable
Through trial and tribulation little seed must grow to flower
In the rabid grasp of savagery the dawning hour is now
But who we are and what we are is not determined by our actions
Rather classified by how we have distinguished what is absent
Or important.
Windowless and altogether hollowed confidence
The consumation of your heart and soul will lead to providence
But know the roads are littered with negative instruments
Set to disengage your orchestration from it’s sibilance
And knowing is but half the battle, the other is unknowing
So in honesty we’re zeroed with no sign of time slowing
And I’m only just an archer, dry firing wild and blindly
At enemies undefinable, created and gestated in high society’s
Camoflauge of a sigil in digital revolution
Yet we’re chained to modern ideologies of retribution
Must I burn here by my lonesome?

Disovery Of Self is not a game to win, nor an art to master
Those who seek the answers shall be sworn into their own disaster
Even after all the positivity and all the laughter
The distractions only zone us out from what never really mattered
We have tripped too far beyond the reach
Communications with the base have
And I seek to keep these fragments,
Expanding evermore at a rapid rate
But every time I’m met there by a tragic fate
Discovery Of Self is not immediate
there is patience in the process
Somewhere along the road we have forgotten this
And so begins our journey, a trial set in flames
We will know no more of what we have learned
We must prepare to be erased.//
Track Name: Generic
I’ve been faceless for a while
Like the last one to make it out the pile
Them the types you give an inch
They take about a mile. I aint frontin’
Nothing fake about the smile
Shit it is what it is.
“It’s all about me.” Oh, it’s all about you?
“Word son.” Naw, it’s always been
All about us, now what can we do?
I’ve got FIRE in my focus like there’s
Crack up on the stove and it’s been
Cooking for a minute, bout to see what
We can produce.

Holy like the ghost you’ve been praying to for
Forgiveness, this is Quiditch
And I got the lightning bolt up in my skin.
It’s just a little bit of ingenuity and
Self dependence, let me know if you gon
Need your soul replenished. I’m the
Master and apprentice, I’m about to make the Guinness Book of World Records
Guinness in the mitt, got a scissor in the kick.
Ya’ll are looking like Gorillas in the Mist
Cigarillos in the mix, couple spliffs is getting lit.
Yeah we higher than a bitch, sink a shot and
Take a pic, champion is on his shit, bout to
Crown another hit, what I spit is too legit
Best to up and call it quits cuz there aint no hope.
I’m here to shake this muthafuckin world
Like a snow globe.

Always knew that I was special when I met you
Better yet when you met me, I can show you
If you let me. I‘m Feeling like Wayne Gretzski
On a jet ski. Dizzy Gilespie blowing these hoes
Out of the ozone, so grown.
Blowin’ O’s in my own zone, thrown on my throne.
Chrome dome crown, I hold my own ground.
My genetics from my parents apparently set
The clarity, dont ever call me Generic you
Parrots, how embarrassing.
You really wanna try and test?
Track Name: Golden Bones
Fucked up, top floor, free fall, wild’n out
Pour me up, life is short, bag the work, eye it out
Wired out, smoke break, back to work, higher now
Finding out, what im working towards is for the birds
I been superb, do you concur?
Currently, nothing that worries me
Wait 30 minutes before you touch the mic
Consider that my courtesy
Verbally murder the present standards
Oh what’s up? You tryna build? Well I got some nails
And a hammer, lets get it. The glamour and glitz
Ain’t worth shit, half these kids getting rich
Don’t even know what work is. And ME?
I sit above this city, watching, like “gimme options”.
Searching for the rap messiah
Ended up in the Remy Martin...
You’re semi-stardom...Demi Lovato
I push the beat full throttle.
Behead hoes like Sleepy Hollow
I talk to freaks and models,
It’s a hard thing to swallow.
Just know that if you speak the truth believe
Many will follow.

-My Golden Bones. Scattered ‘cross the sacred land
Where no man roams. No man
My Golden Teeth. Spit the sharpest syllables
Till no man speaks. No man.
My Golden Tongue. Expanded through the dust to yell
Where no man sung. No man
My Golden Mind. Will wipe this Earth clean until
There's no man kind. No man.-

Impressively unimpressive
Crash the parties with my homies don’t bother
Checking the guest list. Yes.
We only got one shot up in this mothafucker
Bout to get corrected, I’m Golden, show some respect
I’m holding, you know what’s next? A smoke sesh up in the
Taj Mahal, off the wall. Go hard like we partying at
Mardi Gras. Hardly yall, yall are hardly us, shit is obvious.
Off the coast, Marcus Garvey’s ghost, doing somersaults.
Ibuprof for migraines, in my lane, where I be proof
And I be professor, Greater Numbers no lesser
Go-getter, flow shredder, hot flame in a cold winter
I leave ‘em with no winner, I sit with my soul centered
Witness Im the goal tender, unlimited dro hitter
My ginsu is so tempered, I’m quick with the skull splitter so...

-No difficulty too legendary-
-When I die, dig these Golden Bones out of the cemetery-
Track Name: Deep Reflections
Flash-back, in back of a hatch-back hot box.
Smoked out, dreaming of the top spot.
Poked out my head and caught a sunray
Blazing brighter than a lightning strike,
I think I might’ve found my calling.
Take you out this Orbit. Unsure of what to call this
Devotion? Dedication? Or straight giving it my all?
Man I been living for the fall out
See what these people all ‘bout.
The reason that they seasoned like salt.
Boy I’m bringing fall out.
Consider this a call out.

Flash-forward in front of a spaceship.
Grab the wheel and crash land
Waiting for that mass appeal, take it.
You have to deal with situations
What you waiting - four in the morning
And I’m snoring wide awake.
This life is what you make it.
So why the hell I feel like I was born inside a matrix?
Living in a dream
Funny how they only interested in the cream
Where the fuck the leaders, the believers and the kings?
Why we pay the cheaters, the deceivers and the theives?
Who gon feed these people
When they weak upon they knees?
Who gon teach these children
How to meet all of their needs?
All we looking for is some direction and protection
From police and from oppression
We gon see it ‘cuz we destined
These reflections

-Reflections in my mind of a time when
This rhyme shit was all about a grind
Now its all about a dime. I ’ll be fine
I’ll be chilling on the low
I just thought I’d let you know
-Hold it in and let it go.-

-Reflections in my mind of a time when
This world was all about do or die
Now it’s all about some
“Get money, fuck everybody else”
You ain’t gon love nothing if you ain’t even gon
-Love yourself.-

Wondering where we go when we’re dead
You need that like a hole in the head
If not yourself then who do you trust?
You must decide what’s truly enough
Don’t get lost in this cold life
It ain’t frost if it ain’t don’t bite
Let’s just dive into the sea
Side by side both you and me.//
Track Name: Freaks
I got money and women on my mind
its a froze cold life
i got rose gold lining
my neck
better watch for the feds
when you out there
get it how you living
don’t forget how you got there
the freaks come out at night (x2)

I been all in my head lately
thought I had it all figured out
thought my conscious was dead
now I’m guessing I gots to dig em out
thought this shit was bout some cred
but I guess its more bout trends
and who the hottest topic
gossip and the profits
and some more obnoxious nonsense
so whats popping is it really for the knowledge
Ill be honest
shawty brought her twin up in it now they got me seeing double
homies you best mind yo business
less you wanna be in trouble
I aint never been a bitch I been the vet at burning blunts
I crown myself the greatest rapper yet , y’all aint earned a dunce
I learned that once you beat the best
you leave the rest to hurry up

you wanna see a freak in the flesh
easy when you speak unless you meet these teeth in ya neck
I’ve been a cretin with the steps man I don’t need no respect
I came to burn your village to the ground and leave with a check
gather round, here we have ourselves a gang of avid masochists
who need only a match to flick, to handle all these pacifists
pass the spliff, I can show you how to crash the ship
dap the wrist and let me prove to you what black magic is
full blood moon and a black sabbath
with a jackal skin jacket, in the attic practicing sacrilege

uh, my throne is made is mountaintops
only one to drown the crops while y’all pray that the drought’ll stop
holy water to high heaven, I’m legend
homie strolled up to the gates and was denied entrance
fly reverend
supplier to the hive mind society
while they boasting I be on the low approaching mine quietly
mind fried as a friday with a quarter ounce
rhyming finer than a porter house
somebody go and warn em that the swarm is out
they didn’t listen

[We just doing what we gotta
trying to get it right and proper
want the fortune why bother
its distorted, our father
please protect us
and deliver us
from the evil
for my brothers and my sisters
man woman and the children
we just trying make a living
tryina kill it without killing
put ya hands up to the ceiling
put ya hands up to the ceiling
everybody gotta get it
we gone make it in a minute
never give in, never give em
nothing they gone take it with em
Track Name: Tension Building
With a swag that you can’t imagine
Picture Chtulu battling the Kraken it could happen
See you confusing passion with this rapping
Like these bitches mix up smashing and attraction
Time for some real action.
You think you Titanic when you know you
Going down with the ship just like Bill Paxton
Fuckers I’m still laughing. Cuz of these ill tactics
Bashing skulls in, peep the unholy omen
Groovier than scholeosis
This oil ain’t for your candle wick
Can you handle it? Blowing out the basement
Cameras quick, now you on Channel Six
A life of crime tends to have it’s advantages
Graduating up from turkey sandwhiches
To shit that’s much more lavish, no.
We playing battleship? If so I sunk ya’ll
That bunk shit? I’m afraid I can
No longer allow it to function.
Hands up if you ain’t nothing to fuck with.

-Hands up if you aint nothing to fuck with
Put both hands up-

You can’t have both hands up
How is you supposed to roll the blunt?
That chorus don’t make sense, now I been
Itching like I’m twitching off some homemade meth
Fuck is you talking ‘bout me “giving in”
The goal ain’t met. Broke the record
These onlookers broke a neck and I aint made
A dollar off it like I only sold cassettes
No one knows whats next, bozos hold your breath
I’m trying to hold some breasts, Obi on the set
Making E.T, phone home collect.
I’m almost dead, my time is short
Like a coke connect, make sure my lines are pure
What is behind the door? You’ll never know
If you don’t turn the knob
Claiming you an artist better learn your job.

Tension building? Let it build
I’m in this shit now. If you don’t stand for nothing
Grab a chair and fucking sit down.
People talking shit like they’ve been getting commission
I’m on a mission to make killing
This whack shit a tradition. Feel me?

-Put both hands up
If you in front of that gun.-
Track Name: Wealth
I know that I was made for bigger things.
That’s why I’m never hunting for a job
I just wait until I’m low on dough
And pray that something iller comes along
If it were never made to be that’s fine
Just leave me unto my own device
That’s just how I like to spend my time
That’s just how I like to live my life
You cannot keep what you do not own
You cannot reap what you do not sew
I see it clearly with two eyes closed
Creeping eerily through my soul.

-What we have here’s a great opportunity
Great, great big opportunity
Sign the dotted line
Take a ride on the finer side of lunacy
You could be the next big thing.
What we have here ‘s a once in a lifetime shot
To make advances on the bright side, watch.
All we need is half the time
That you gon spend on this Earth
You’re on file from your birth to the dirt
It gets worse.-

Modern day slave caravan, eight hour segments
Make money money
Take our attention
Make our investments benefit
Our best vested interests
Burst the seams on these pleated pants pockets
You can’t stop it.
Corporate America ain’t aware
Of your aspirations
But they only want your life
If you could spare to have the patience
Got us brachiating like suit and tie
wearing primates with no breaks man
Ice cream man signs on a rape van
Great plan, leave ‘em with no options
Leave ’em drug dealing, pistol popping
Don’t you know the system’s watching
Put your dreams inside a crystal coffin
You can look but no touch
Take your time there’s no rush, but hurry up
Now I’m not so pessimistic
I’ve had my share of punch ins
But on the real fuck your
Corporate luncheons and company functions
Clocking out’s about the
Best thing that I’ve ever done
Waiting on that paycheck that’ll never come
We just trying to get rich ain’t we?
I’m trying to see big dollars
Like Robin Leach on the lawn with a
Check and a couple of commas
I’m only trying to be honest
We’re sweating for bread and pennies
And it’s only escalating
Wait till the end of the century
If the needs of the few outweigh
The needs of the many
Ain‘t we supposed to compensate
Till all the workers got plenty?
You tellin’ me my minimum wage
Can keep my minimums paid?
Bitch please, you fuckers must got
You some kind of disease.
See there's a breaking point
Do what you love, don’t hold your tongue
Show this world what you’ve become
And why they all better run
In due time, worker ants gon burn
This factory right down to the bricks
Light a spliff and peace up
Out of this bitch.

-All work and no play makes Jack go crazy.-
Track Name: Ticks
Know when to hold ‘em
And when to fold ’em
My father told me that and I uphold it
Fear is your only opponent
Even if you don’t know it
You gotta find a skill and hone it
And hold your cajones.
The heart is where your home is.
Fuck being a loner or lonely
Isolation is a part of growing
Everything that glitters isn’t golden
You gotta show ‘em that you know
The value of your focus
And practice till you own it
I’m on a different modem
This is a magnum opus
Crack a Corona floating somewhere
In a solar corona because
My salivary glands are so corrosive
T ake a toke and ghost it
Getting ghosted while I stir the cauldron.

Stop with that crying shit
You supposed to be legendary
Like a leviathan
Sitting here I’m high as shit
All your blunts are wire thin
Homie hold a pack
Shit is louder than a siren
We should trim the fat
Put these suckers on a diet then
I conduct the show and play these
Pussies like a violin
Let’s get bout it in this bitch
Aint no need for violence
I stepped to close to the line
A couple times I admit.
Wingspan, pilot, solo like an island
Please don’t mind the smoke
Fire department is prying in
Like I’m Richard Pryor
When he lit himself ablaze
We all caught in a maze
I’m trying to catch my breath.
Don’t break a sweat over what’s next
Just live it.
And make a difference
Even if you feel no different
Than you did in the beginning
This is physics.
Mixed with hieroglyphics
And higher living
Time is of the essence
Essentially it’s my time to get it.
And I will.

-Trying to start a movement
But they shooting
Instead of building a revolution
What are we doing?-
-Trying to make a statement
But it’s stagnant, ain’t no change
When there ain’t no practice
Shit is madness-
-Wanna see progression
But there’s tension building
You feel the pressure
Aggression up in my building.
-And It’s all gone now
Cuz it’s all going down
Set fire to the pavement
In the heart of your town.-